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Interview RISE129

DATE   2018-11-10

Momoka, Riri Nasukawa preview interview | November 17 Ryogoku


Come next November 17 (Saturday) We will participate in the 2nd bout "Cygames presents RISE 129" to be held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo and both countries We will inform you of the preliminary interview of Momoka, Riri Nasukawa.

Momoka interview "We fight against the local Osaka and Minerva titles on the back"

─ ─ In the second half of this year we are on a winning streak but it's been a while since we came up to the ring in Tokyo.
Momoka : I think that it was the first race in a year and two months since I took Minerva-Atom class throne from C-CHAN at the NJKF Omori Games last September.

─ ─ From Omori and the two countries is not a big success! What is the image of both the National Kokugikan?
Momoka: There is an image that we are doing sumo wrestling. I never thought of myself to stand. When the participation offer came, I felt "I can do it on such a big stage", so the tension rose really.

─ ─ In the rings of both countries, we will play against Riri Nasukawa player. What kind of impression did you hold when you heard the names of players?
Momoka: When I first heard my name there was a bit of anxiety, but as long as you let me see the video of the match, the players are coming forward ahead of time. When thinking about a strategy that is good, I thought I could go.

─ ─ Riri players are topics of debut before being a real sister of Tenshin players, but the career has only one game yet. By contrast, Momoka has 29 rounds of career. Did not you feel like "You are not my opponent in your career?"
Hundred flowers: I did not feel like that.

─ After all, is it related to the fact that Reina Sato who fought titles with Momoka player lost while serving as the opponent of Riri player's debut game?
Momoka: That's right. I am conscious of that. The match between Riri player and Sato player saw the image being uploaded to the net. Riri was out long before the beginning from the beginning. I am said to be a puncher, but it was the impression that she is also a puncher.

─ ─ Objectively looking at Riri If you compare with players, where do you think you are winning?
Momoka: Compared to Riri, I have been fighting a lot of games, so I'm fighting with a variety of players. So I believe that we can deal with Riri, even if we confront our players. I cannot lose on the technical side (Kippari).

── As far as the recent game is concerned, Momoka thinks the boxing counter technique is noticeably progressing. Do you have a pride that you evolved further from the match against Sato in September?
Momoka: That's right. I keep practicing to take counters, so I think that it is even higher than before.

── I think that there are many people who watch the game of Momoka player for the first time this time for the first time. As a player, what kind of place do you want to see?
Momoka: Since I'm good at low kicks and straights, I would like to see a combination that connects straight from a low.

── What kind of finish do you imagine?
Momoka: Because it is before the game, I cannot say it is clear, but I am practicing a certain technique, so I think that it would be nice to KO.

── There is something to be carried on this time.
Momoka: It's the title of local, Osaka and Minerva. Because you can be done on such a big stage, you can come to Osaka to cheer for a lot of people. Furthermore, since I am a champion of NJKF Minerva, I think that I want to fight it firmly in my mind.

── On the day after the decisive battle, Cousin Jin Mandokoro will participate in other matches in other groups.
Momoka: That's right, on the next day of a rainy day (smile). I practice with Jin almost every day, but it is easy to catch up if the game is close. I am trying hard by putting each other out.

── Jin player younger brother · Ryo player, yet another cousin Ryusei and Kaisei Baba brothers are active as amateur boxers. Do you support the two rounds this time?
Momoka: That's right. Ryo is a student this year, so I cannot come to Tokyo, but Ryusei (who has a track record of 6th in the Asian Championship) will participate in the All Japan Boxing Championship held in Ehime from the same day so I would like to work hard with three people including Jin Right.

── We are looking forward to the success of Mandokoro clan!

Riri Nasukawa interview "Momoka is an active champion but I can win if I can move as usual"

─ ─ Are you used to high school life?
Riri: I got used to it. Every day is fun ( smile ). The most fun is lunchtime. While I talk to everyone, I love the time to eat my lunch that my mother made. I like not having frozen foods on side dishes ( smile ). My favorite lesson is physical education. Especially the ball game overall! I am doing softball now. The physical education teacher likes fighting sports, so the story goes well.

─ ─ If you look back on the debut game with Reina Sato who was held in June?
Riri: I was really nervous before the game. It was almost the first time that I got so tense. The number of customers (gathered at the venue) was different, and the production of the venue was amazing, so it was completely different from the time of amateurs.

── What advice do you have from your father Hiroyuki Nasukawa representative and older brother · Tenshin player?
Riri: Both of us had a mouth with "I will be OK if I do as usual." If it got up on the ring, there was no problem.

── What is the point of reflection?
Riri: I wanted to beat but I could not beat him (Riri's decision wins). I think that there was a part where the way of fighting became complicated. I hope I can fix that kind of thing from the second race.

── This time it was a battle back to RISE again. The opponent is Momoka player of NJKF Minerva · Atom class champion.
Riri: The opponent is called a champion, but I want to try not to get nervous. If you get nervous, your shoulders will get power and your usual movements will be impossible. I think that I can definitely win if I can make the usual move.

── What is your impression of Momoka?
Riri: Good at punching. I watched the game video, but I heard a story that it is better than that time. Besides, there is sharpness in each technique. I will kick back as soon as I kick you. I am devising various measures to win. I also have techniques to practice for this game, so I hope I can hit it. I want to beat it.

─ ─ I recently heard that he imitated the movements of his older brother Tenshin player.
Riri: That's how it fights, but Tenshin is moving fast. I am planning to imitate it.

──Did you catch up a lot?
Riri: No, not at all (bitter smile).

──What is the most focused practice now?
Riri: Is it a counter? I would like to rise to the Ryogoku ring after confirming every single technique in the remaining one week.

From the perspective of a third party, now TEPPEN has momentum and I feel good teamwork. Do you feel it even inside it?
Riri: Everyone is on good terms. Junior does not talk to seniors and juniors, but juniors will also teach seniors. However, they are all habitable (smile).

─ ─ Truly individuality Faction group. Would you be taught by representatives and non-Tenshin players?
Riri: That's right. Various people have taught me. Every day is study.

──When School and gym are enjoyable, every day is enriched?
Riri: But it's tough. Because it is Jim as soon as school is over. But I think I will do my best as I decided by myself.


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November 10, 2018 (Saturday)

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