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DATE   2018-11-12

The Kyokushin ultimate destruction weapon" The ending of the last match! What? Kengo Shimizu interview | November 17 Ryogoku


Kengo Shimizu interview "About defeating Moh by haste to not be the best bout in myself"

Shimizu regulated the rematch with "Sterk" Badr Feldaos, who was defeated once by the RISE heavyweight title match on September 16.
Succeeding in the second throne defense, we will welcome the last match at this tournament. The last message of Shimizu.

- Retirement the match is approaching. How is the final adjustment?
Shimizu: I am able to adjust it by preparing firmly for the last game this time. Since my opponent is Mighty Mo, I am practicing while keeping motivation and it feels really nice.

- When did you decide to retire?
Shimizu: Somehow I decided to retire within this year around the beginning of this year, and my determination it solidified in June. ("Strek" Badr) By losing 1 R KO to Ferdaos player. I felt that I had no limits in myself. I decided to retire after doing the rest of the two games at the end of June when I finished doing more.

- In the rematch with the Ferdaos player of September, he also succeeded in defending the revenge & the throne for the second time by hitting the RISE heavyweight title. The impression of Ferdaos was different compared to the first match?
Shimizu: I felt honest and strong. I was young over there and I felt it was early in the day that I finished it properly.

- During the first match, Shimizu was thinking that it was a tough honest rematch with a short span by defeating KO second. So I won it exactly. Was not there any response for continued active work?
Shimizu: I'm a losing opponent once, but if I were a former myself I think I was doing KO if I did with that level player. In the rematch I went to 5R and I thought that I was again within my limits by winning by the judgment of the end. At the first match, I felt it was OK as I could not feel the strength of the opponent's attack with the first contact, but I felt that I was beaten and weakened by being knocked down.

- Do you often feel that you are physically falling?
Shimizu: The feeling of dynamism and speed fell compared to the peak period. I feel that movement is worse than before in the practice stage. Even after the practice was over, tiredness was amazing and I always felt that my practice amount was reduced and my own movements were not made.

- What is your impression of this opponent's mo.
Shimizu: When I was in K-1 heyday, I had a tremendous attack power, punch. I used to love K-1 and watched it well, so it's an honor to be able to fight athlete at that time and my feelings will be higher.

- You never imagined that you would play against you?
Shimizu: That's right. I did not know that he was still active, so I was surprised when he heard the offer. Now it seems that ROAD FC in Korea is the main battlefield and working as an MMA fighter in active ballads.

- Have you also checked the movements by looking at the MMA game of recent Mo player?
Shimizu: I do not mind especially because I do not see the original image of the other person. I fight with the image of old Mo players.

- What kind of game is going to happen?
Shimizu: Since one shot of Mo is heavy, I think whether it will be a battle as to how to scrape by kicking without getting anyhow.

- I cannot see Shimizu's reversal KO defeat which I expect.
Shimizu: If you get a punch with usual feeling it will end before you reverse it (laugh). At the end I would like to win by showing overwhelming power.

- Is there anything left to do in the athlete's life?
Shimizu: Since I do not regret within myself, I want to lose at the last end and not to leave regrets, I want to win and end it exactly.

- It was said that I wanted to do with Peter Arts player Jerome Le Banner before retiring.
Shimizu: I wanted to do it if I could, but I'm honored to be able to do so, as the Mo player is a legend fighter of K - 1.

- Is there any competitor who had played against in the past and wanted to do it again?
Shimizu: This is Makoto Uehara, who lost two times. I went to another organization and retired, so it ended without realization.

- 34 what is the best bout after being fought?
Shimizu: Doing with Takahagi (Tsutomu) players (February 27, 2011), it was the game that ended KO with the right high kick. And it is against Battle of Luis Morais (26th March 2016). I broke my eyes at the beginning of the game, I fought all the time in a state that I could see it twice, I kept telling the way to the end and I was great in myself.

- What do you want to make the next bout the best bout?
Shimizu: I think I will defeat it with haste so that I will not be the best bout in my life (laugh). I will definitely beat without receiving a single shot.

- You also have polished skills that make you so confident.
Shimizu: That's right. Please look forward to the day.

- After the kick retirement, Do you continue your is KYOKUSIN athletes life?
Shimizu: I will continue as a leader, but I have not played the match at the end of the 10th World Congress 7 years ago.

- If Shimizu who has been supporting the RISE heavyweight front for a long time retires, heavyweight front will be in a tough situation because the players are not growing up.
Shimizu: I wish I had a good young player who grew up. Many good players in the light weight class including Nasukawa players are coming out so I would like you to make it excitement there.

- Kyokushin junior in or do not have a player like-class even if the kick turning of?
Shimizu There is many players who may never become stronger than me. If the principal wishes to turn kick, I will tell you what I can tell you and will do my utmost with support.

- Please give a message to your fans at the end.
Shimizu: I've been in RISE for 12 years. Thank you for supporting us for a long time. I will retire, thank you for your continued support of RISE from now on.


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November 12, 2018 (Monday)

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