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DATE   2018-11-13

Welterweight - Is the new champion an undefeated black leopard? Or a wolf who got a new fang? | "Black Panther" BeyNoah, Interview with Daiki Watabe | November 17 Ryogoku


Black Panther "Interview with “BeyNoah" Aiming for the Three Crowns "Win this title firmly and win the R-1 Grand Prix as well"

Unbeaten Beinoah who plays an active part as a comedian as a comedy combination "Ketoruberu". Is it possible to control my best wishes RISE title match and lead to a good microphone performance!?

- The title match is getting close, but how about the adjustment?
Noah: It's already finished batch-wise. Because it is a title match by Ryougoku Kokugikan, motivation is raised to the highest.
Last time I played at Makuhari Messe, I feel good. Entry is also nice, but whatever you say, I will talk with 10,000 customers with a microphone.
As expected I will quietly return home (laugh) 
I think that the scale including the game is about 20 minutes so I want to talk down.

- I'm looking forward to the microphone after the match than the game (laugh).
Noah: I am also looking forward to the entry. What is the content of the microphone? I have decided to say something like this, but the content I say is to decide on the spot. Last time, at the time of Makuhari in June (Yang Zinhwan Battle) the venue was too wide and the voices echoed, so I intended to say "Do not resonate" by myself. I am missing it only now.

- Are not you getting nervous before a lot of customers?
Noah: I am accustomed to the place because I do not know how many times I have slipped in a comedian. Although the game will not slip (laugh)

- It is a wishes RISE title match. Have you been so long?
Noah: Although it is a common language, it seems to be long and it was in the blink of an eye.

- I was wondering if you would like to challenge Danilo Zanorini player who held RISE welterweight title, but in fact it was surprising to play against Taro Watanabe in the championship match.
Noah: That's right! I was also looking forward to the counterfeit foreigner showdown. However, I did not think that the name of Watabe players will come up.
Because Mr. Watabe was watching Danilo play against the first RISE welterweight championship (November 4, 2013). That game was awesome for the development of being knocked down.
Since Watabe was appearing in another group, I was surprised because I did not expect to come up to RISE here.

- Were you thinking that you would someday fight with Watabe who was on other group?
Noah: I did not expect to do it. I am also a fan of fighting sports so do not do fun fights; I was looking with a strong feeling. It certainly will be that Watabe players stand next to me at a press conference in October....

- What kind of game is going to happen?
Noah: I cannot read honestly, right? Watabe is always a fierce fighter, so I think that it will not be a mud match. Even if I go to 5R with the development of being knocked down, I think that it will definitely be an interesting game.

- Do you recognize that you will fight against the strongest partner in the past?
Noah: That's no doubt. Even if I see past achievements of Mr. Watabe, I think so.

- What is the most cautious technique?
Noah: Since Mr. Watanabe has Yamato soul, I think suddenly one of the switches of "Japan" or one of the wolves nicknamed "Wolf" will enter during the match. I have a nickname Black Panther I have a switch for Panther, so I wonder if it will be a battle representing leopards and wolves. I cannot lose as a representative of the Leopold world.

- Do you declare a leopard representative without permission (laugh)? By the way, what kind of players is there in the leopard circle?
Noah: "The Black Sea of the South Sea" Ray Sefero (Laugh). Since the leopard starts from there, there are many.

- Well players name of the leopard world often appeared (laugh). Watabe seems to be motivated to beat the unbeaten Beinoah player than the belt.
Noah: Even I am. It is a big motivation to beat the legendary players I have been looking at before I become a professional.

- It is great to become a champion with no defeat.
Noah: Although I say that it is great to learn by losing, it is better to keep winning, do not you? There was also a game about how many fights we have been going to lose so far, but since the organizer has prepared the best stage so far so far, I cannot lose here. Watabe returns to RISE for the first time in four years and challenges the title with the first one. I appealed the RISE title challenge for a long time since I joined the RISE ring as J - NETWORK's champion and I finally got it together this time. Mr. Watabe has made a lot of respect for being a suitable matchmaker for the title match, but while players are doing their best they want to become welterweight champions even at RISE regional box office, unless I win the feelings of those players on the back I cannot do it.

- Kyokushin's senior, Kengo Shimizu players will retire at this event. I cannot lose more and more.
Noah: That's right. I have retained RISE belt for many years so I retire as champion. It is a retirement match for my senior who I admire, so I cannot absolutely lose here. Actually, just before the game, Shimizu Senior is up at the stage of making I become the experiment base of the combination, there is a mystery routine every time I will be bogged down. Because I will not go do not do it this time, so I will win and I will definitely win, I am going to be bogged down by helping Shimizu senior up and I want to finish that day.

- What do you want to do in 2019 when you win the title?
Noah: At the press conference in October, we decided to advance to the second match of M - 1, and if we succeeded this way, it was a semi - finals about the days of the two countries' competitions, but I easily lost in the second round. I think that this was a message from God that "Please focus on the title match right now". Because I have an R - 1 Grand Prix that decides the pin entertainer No.1 at the beginning of 2019 by capturing the title firmly this time, I would like to aim for the winner even there.

- What if you aim at the three crown in conjunction with fighting sports?
Noah: Of course! Both comedy and RISE will win. Since getting the RISE belt this time is a big goal in myself, I do not think honestly about what I captured the belt. Now I cannot say I will not lose next year!



Daiki Watabe Interview "Burning down when the opponent is upside down. It makes me feel like doing it"

Daiki Watanabe who will participate in RISE for four years will now move to TEAM TEPPEN and challenge to take the RISE welterweight belt called "Forgotten", the first game, and black leopard hunt.

─ ─ The representative of Takeshi Yamada of the JB Sports Club in the destination of the practice class wrote in the FB that "I was really scared because the voice was rough and attacked."
Watanabe: No, no, I'm desperate only (smile). Frantic every time, but the first game after moving the affiliation. I'm enthralled.

─ ─ The ring for the first time in a year and two months. Feelingly debuted again?
Watanabe: That's right. There is also a sense that "What kind of game is it like?" Well, I am looking forward to various meanings. It was a long time to lose weight, so I started dropping it a little earlier. That's why it's harder than usual.

─ ─ If you did not notice it, I entered the thirty and the career also counted 45 races.
Watanabe: That's right. I am surprised even myself. Feeling is young, but everyone is young when I look around. It is a feeling that if you are playing 45 rounds, you are (without permission) entering the veteran zone.

─ ─ I heard that Masato Yuki, who was an old friend and transferred earlier, transferred to TEPPEN.
Watanabe: Because Yuki is a local friend. Mr. Nasukawa also says "Please come on for practice". Since I had not done anything for a year before coming, I was suffering from "What should I do next?" As Kick did only about guidance, when I talked with Mr. Nasukawa, I got the advice "If I try to move my body a bit, I can open the road". So I took a look at TEPPEN once. Then I gave Mr. Nasukawa "Daiki, Mitt 6R" (bitter smile). Did it. Was it Bate? I thought that it was "tight," but the stimulation at that time inspired myself. "I thought once more, let's do our best."
The rest is the atmosphere of TEPPEN. Everyone is strong, I am doing ascending and I am working hard as well. At the sight of such a form, I thought that "I still have to work hard".

── The Shinozuka player of the same gate said that "Watabe joining is a good stimulus."
Watanabe: No, it's the other way around. I am the one who is stolen. After all it is too different from the practice I've come up with. I am learning from one jab.

──If returning to the back, even if it came to the veteran area, it also means that the moment of growth still remained.
Watanabe: I think so. I do it in the range that I can do within myself. I wish I could raise the strength further from now.

──What is something changing in your mind?
Watanabe: That's right. After all I have a leader and I am not satisfied with the environment that there is a friend to practice with. It was the same as in the old gym, but one who yelled at me was able to do it. After that, since I was only practicing enough to hit Sandbach, I felt "If it was this, I cannot go on."

─ ─ The fight style has changed?
Watanabe: After all the character comes out. I used to think quite a while in the past, but I was asked for a fist till a while ago, so I had a person who got it on my back. I think that my style has changed since I was winning or losing it. That's why I am not going back to beginner, but just back a while ago. Sometimes I watch an old picture, but it is not as rough as I thought.

─ ─ We decided to be "Bread Panther" Benoa which continues to advance the brisk battle of sudden batting suddenly in the reoccurrence.
Watabe: It was a big tournament and I was expecting "Will it be that," but when I was actually decided "I came suddenly". But it's better than winning downgrading opponents in return warfare. Because it burns when the opponent is over when it is downside. I feel like I'm gonna do it.

── What kind of game do you imagine?
Watanabe: I'm thinking about various situations, but there are parts that I do not know unless I actually confront them. I only go up to the ring and I will do my best. It is not that I care about the strategy so much.

── Heisei will be over soon. Do you want to show your sense as a final generation born in the Showa era?
Watanabe: That's right. I do not want to lose anyway. I'd really like to see "strong Daiki Watabe has come back". I'm going to practice that much.


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November 13, 2018 (Tue)

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