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Interview4 RISE129

DATE   2018-11-13

RISE new champion v Muay Thai Japanese different confrontation | Masahide Kudo , Shiro interview | November 17 Ryogoku


Shiro interview "Because my own low kick is so fast, Kudo's row is not hit."

──You have lived in Thailand since you were 15 years old. Your Muay Thai career has already exceeded 60 races. You are now regular players on Lumphini Stadium TV matches. Why did such a Shiro player decide to participate in RISE with different rules from Muay Thai?

Shiro: Because I thought that it was the most powerful group right now. Even though I went to see it several times, the venue was always full. It is great that there is a signboard player named Tenshin Nasukawa after all. When thinking about raising the name recognition in my own Japanese, I thought that it would be good to go out to such groups and challenge rules that I have never experienced before.

─ ─ Were there conflicts?
Shiro: On September 29, after I finished the game at Lumpinee Stadium, I came back to Japan and I was worried about one week to ten days "How can I fight at RISE?"

── Have you ever been banned in Elbow, and experienced fighting for knee kicking with the rules of one catch / one attack?
Shiro: It is zero. It's only when it's an amateur. So, junior high school students (bitter smile).

── What is the difference between Muay Thai rule and RISE rule for Shiro?
Shiro: I think it is a totally different game from Muay Thai. So, at first it is better to attack with the punch alone with the RISE rule. Or would you rather fight while leaving the techniques you've been using? I was worried a lot by that strange feeling.

── The remaining one week until the game. What is the ratio of expectation and anxiety?
Shiro: I do not have any anxiety now.

── On 17th November, the debut of RISE performed at the Ryogoku Kokugikan was suddenly crowned with RISE champion Masahide Kudo.
Shiro: I think that the organizer is turning over as expected. My opponent is a champion. I also feel like away.

─ ─ For Shiro who fought for 3 minutes 5 R all the time, will you fight with 3 R for 3 minutes?
Shiro: That's fine. For the fight at RISE, I changed the way of mitting. Sparring also assumes 3R.

─ ─ To seek a faster expansion, RISE is expected to break even in scenes where Muay Thai will not break.
Shiro: Currently I am only playing the head war sumo about once a week. We practice well with each other well.

─ ─ When I saw Shiro SNS, you are practicing with Yuuki players who compete in the championship game of -55 kg class on the same day, are not they?
Shiro: Yes, I am also doing a professional boxing Japanese ranker.

──What is practicing RISE rules with Yuki?
Shiro: There are also things.

── What is the specific measures against Kudo?
Shiro: I saw Mr. Kudo’s game video including ONE’s synthonnoy game. I did not understand the rules of ONE well, but I thought whether Kudo would have won if it was a RISE rule. Anyway, Kudo is persistent. I thought that it was a player that suited the RISE rule because it was an attack specialized for low kick and body hook rather than being characterized by technology and attack pattern.

─ ─ Both are good at low kick. I am interested in what will happen when it comes to low kick battle.
Shiro: Well, probably because my low kick seems to be earlier.

─ ─ Do not hit Kimolow?
Shiro Match I think that it seems that I saw it in the video. In RISE, no one cut Kudo's low kick.

─ If your opponent's low kick hits you, is it not effective?
Shiro: I also practiced kicking low kick. I am not worried about it, but body blowing is a bit.... Appearance attacks are not likely to be strong, but more than half of the victories are KOs.
I have never done it with a type like Kudo so far. It is a player who did not expect to fight, but I am happy that we can simply fight RISE champion.

── What kind of victory do you imagine now?
Shiro: I am a RISE debut game, so Ideally, I'd like to aim for a winning way with an impact that will settle the 3R and remember my name at least.



Masahide Kudo interviews "In fact, I have few motor nerves.Grip strength is a Girl level of fifth grade primary school. "

── Even for RISE, Kudo became the first national sports festival competition for Ryogoku Kokugikan.
Kudo: The venue I've been to see fighting sports once, but the excitement is great because it's big. My tension will also rise. When I fought against a mad dog at Makuhari Messe, the mechanism tension went up.

──Will not you are nervous at the big venue?
Kudo: I guess it's kind of nervous about being nice.

──What is weight loss?
Kudo: This time I am trying to imitate OL and challenge for the first enzyme diet. I have not realized it at all yet (bitter smile).

──What did the weight loss fail?
Kudo: I think that weight loss is good the best (in the gym). At first it was the most stupid thing. I listened to stories of weight loss for various people, and it got better while I was doing it on my own.

──It was a failure before, did not it?
Kudo: As I said, at Hamamoto "CAT" Yudai or the Eisaku Ogasawara strategy, performance failed due to failure in performance. I could not even rise up when I was overthrown by the Eisaku player because I drained the water too much. The body was screaming. Recently I lost most of the drainage; I can get up even if I get down.

─ ─ What weight loss other than enzymes?
Kudo: I do not eat my favorite gummy. This time it is good in these two pieces.

── The previous race was one race with the former Lumpinee featherweight champion Sintonnoy, which was formed at ONE. You seem to like Thai for the first time.
Kudo: I am not good at hotness, but Thai food was delicious.

─ ─ The game was contract weight of over 60 kg (61.2 kg) for the first time.
Kudo: The problem was rules rather than weight. I realized that it is totally different with and without neck sumo. The sense of distance is totally different. Shiro competing against this time is more than me at all when comparing only the career, but if it is without neck sumo, I am above you.

──He said that he never had become a professional.
Kudo: I guess I am on the experience value, are not you? My confidence grew.

──Shiro declared that Kudo's low kick was ineffective.
Kudo: No, I have confidence that I can make it effective. But whether it can be applied (bitter smile). He is good at cutting. My low kick is a double-edged sword. Because the damage to me is enormous when the power is overwhelming, cut.

── What is the impression of Shiro?
Kudo: He is good. He can do anything. The balance of punch and kick is also good. The style is Muay Thai, but the punch is also good. That is troubling.

── It's a bad skill but a good VS technician. It will be an easy-to-understand diagram.
Kudo: But he will be in the middle. Because I am good at games with technician. If two people engage, I can go at all. I am only worried whether I will not be told by him. I want to take it to a talk with a vulture.

── Although it was declared so at the press conference, Shiro said that if you hit the real intention, "Do you dare not meet up?" Some say.
Kudo: He cannot win unless he gets to a meeting. It is this time for me to take such situation. I also became a champion of RISE, so I'd like to discuss the punch from now on. I will aim for a style that will let the opponent's players make punch conversations.

─ ─ "Three kinds of sacred treasure" alongside Kimo Low How about Kimo jab and Kimo body?
Kudo: Perhaps not too much explosion. I may give out a little sacred treasure a little this time (grin).

─ ─ Match with Shinozuka Tatsuki this March. This time Match with Shiro. Kudo at RISE has a role like a gatekeeper to the newly entering powerhouse.
Kudo: What is it? If I lose, I am a stepping stone. I do not like this standing position. Although the class is different, I want you to do this role for Hideki and Kaneko Azusa of the same Lefty.

──Where do you want your attention in this game?
Kudo: There may be people who think power is because there are so many KOs, but in fact, I have no motor nerves.
Since I am in Lefty, physicals are on sale, but push-ups are something about 20 to 30 times. It is the same as the average of girls with small grip strength (about 20 ㎏!).

─ ─ Really?
Kudo: Because it's only a shaft when doing a bench press. Still, I became a champion of RISE. Even those without motor nerves can become champions depending on feelings and the amount of exercise. I would like you to pay attention to such places.


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November 13, 2018 (Tue)

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