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DATE   2018-11-14

Will you achieve revenge of wish? | Taiki Naito interview | November 17, Ryogoku


Taiki Naito interview "Winning and moving in the center of fighting sports"

On August 1, 2015, BLADE FC JAPAN CUP 2015, He lost 1 RKO to the Nasukawa Tenshin in the -55 kg tournament finals. He decided only the revenge for the Nasukawa Tenshin. Naito's thought finally realized a rematch with him.

- The final battle is approaching at last.
Naito: I'm already overtaking, and I am adjusting my weight. Since the finish is a nice feeling, it is only taking the physical condition thoroughly to the day as it is feeling good.

- November 2014 SHOOT BOXING S - cup World Tournament 2014 (since the SB Japan Super Bantamweight Title Match with Kazuyuki Fushimi) It will be the second game at Ryogoku Kokugikan.
Naito: I'm going to do a lot of things for the big stage who came and I do not feel nervous unexpectedly.

- Time passed since winning RISE DEAD OR ALIVE -57 kg TOURNAMENT in November last year and winning the challenge rights to Nasukawa, did not the feelings get interrupted on the way?
Naito: I do not think so; I think that I kept focusing all the time.

- Up to now, there are six losses in the pro career with 34 races. Why are you only sticking to revenge for Nasukawa who lost in August 2015?
Naito: The biggest opponent who let me taste KO defeat for the first time in my life. Since then, I have never lost KO.

- Were anything wrong with Nasukawa at the head?
Naito: Basically, I always stayed in my head. Somewhere I was conscious of him.

- Nasukawa players are still unbeaten after that game, but what kind of impression do you have with the recent Nasukawa players?
Naito: He has a solid body and is stronger with power than before. I am also looking forward to the game because I am growing more than that time.

- Where is the point for you to win?
Naito: I have seen all the footage of his game. Because he is also a human, there is a gap. How can I find that gap
I think that it will be the key to victory or defeat whether to pierce or not.

- Do you have anything that you are strengthening yourself?
Naito: I am honing skills so I can beat them if I hit one shot, I am conscious of being able to do both defense and offense.

- Is there anything to go to practice in other dojos?
Naito: Do not practice at other dojos; I have practiced with Ares all the time. I started physical training from a month ago when I played the first game, so at that time I was in a state of no honest effect. Physical has been going on for three years since then and my ability has improved so much and my strength has also accompanied me, so the finish of my body has become a record high.

- Why did you start physical at that time?
Naito: Because I thought that I can't win unless I do solidly do physical aspects in order to get on with the top players. I finally got what I came doing. I think it is connected to two consecutive KOs.

- Where do you feel the most change by continuing physical training?
Naito: The axis of the body no longer shakes. I think that the attack power of each one is more than it seems. Not limited to one technique, any technique has confidence that you can beat it firmly. I think that it is important to hit firmly because it is difficult to hit this time.

- You played seven games last year. You will be in the second race following the match against Hannya HASHIMOTO at RIZIN in August this year. Is there a problem with few games?
Naito: I played against Nasukawa
I have continued to stick to. So even if the game interval is empty, my movements will not become dull, so there is no particular worry. But in August it was good that the match was made, including the meaning of adjustment.

- Which is going to be a long-term battle or a short-term battle for this match?
Naito: I have imagined in either case. I think that the game will get in touch with each other, so I am preparing to make the game even longer. Either way, I'd like to win a 1 down after taking even a decision. It is also a big feeling that I take myself down for the first time from Nasukawa.

- What year would you like to do next year?
Naito: I think that winning this time will make a big difference in my future life in fighting sports. I think that I should move in the center of the fighting spirit world by winning firmly. This year I was focused on the game with Nasukawa and left the game in shoot boxing. I would like to return again next year.

- Please give a message to your fans.
Naito: The opponent is the strongest player in the world that everyone can recognize. I think that it will be a tough fight, but since I have decided that I will win, please support me. Thank you.



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November 14, 2018 (Wednesday)

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