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Schedule of RISE129

DATE   2018-11-07

Last added card "Koto Hiraoka vs Satoshi Hida child" "Kazuma Mori vs TAIRA" is decided

Additional match-up card

Coming November 17 (Saturday) Tokyo · Ryogoku Kokugikan will hold "Cygames presents RISE 129" We will inform you of the final addition decision card.
First of all, women's one match 47 kg contract signed TRY HARD GYM 's Koto Hiraoka against RISE, RISE WEST and Tomoko Hida who is winning two consecutive wins.
As the opening fight (starting at 15:10), we also decided the first race of this year's Super Lightweight Rookie's Kazuma Mori vs TAIRA.
With this, all 14 games will be decided and the game order will be as follows.
Mainly on New Year's Eve RIZIN Tenshin Nasukawa who was just presenting a battle against Floyd Mayweather · Jr was the former SB super bantamweight champion and Taiki Naito last year's DEAD OR ALIVE -57 kg tournament was held and rematch in the past three years .
In the semifinal, Rottan Zittomuangnong who tormented Nasukawa at the Makuhari Games in June collided with "Mr. RISE" Yuuki.
And in the eleventh bout, it will be the last match of RISE heavyweight champion Kengo Shimizu who was to pick up Mighty Mo.

«Additional decision card»
▼ -47 kg contract 3 minutes 3R
Koto Hiraoka (TRY HARD GYM)
Tomoko Hida (Real Deal)

▼ Super lightweight (-65 kg) 3 minutes 3R
Kazuma Mori (Team Dragon / 2018 RISING ROOKIES CUP Super Lightweight champion)
TAIRA (Team Dragon / Chikeijyuku / TeamS.A.C)


«Cygames presents RISE129 Fight order »

Opening fight Super lightweight (-65 kg) 3 min 3 r
Kazuma Mori (Team Dragon / 2018 RISING ROOKIES CUP Super Lightweight champion)
TAIRA (Team Dragon / Chikeijyuku / TeamS.A.C)

First match - 47 kg contract 3 minutes 3R
Koto Hiraoka (TRY HARD GYM)
Tomoko Hida (Real Deal)

Second match - 46 kg contract 3 min 3 r
Momoka (Sakigake Jyuku / NJKF Minerva Japan Atom class champion)
Riri Nasukawa (TEAM TEPPEN / 2017 KAMINARIMON All Japan women's tournament - 45 kg class won)

Third match Light class (-63 kg) 3 min 3 R extension 1 R
Tomohiro Kitai (Team Dragon / third class ranking)
Taiju Shiratori (TEAM TEPPEN / 4th place in the super featherweight, former WPMF Japan Super Featherweight champion)

Fourth match - 66.5 kg Contract 3 minutes 3R
HIROYA (TRY HARD GYM / first generation Krush super lightweight champion (- 65 kg) champion, K - 1 Koshien 2008 champion)
Yojiro Uchimura (Ingram / first ZST welterweight champion)

 Fifth Game RISE World Series - 64 kg contract 3 min 3 r extension 1 R
Hideki (Shinjuku Lefty Jim / Lightweight second place, K - 1 REVOLUTION FINAL - 65 kg class champion)
Pan Jiyun (China / Seiki Fight Club)

Sixth Game RISE World Series -57.5 kg Contract 3 min 3 R Extension 1 R
Ignacio "El Misil" Capllonch (Argentina / Dojo Serpiente / WKN 57kg world champion, WKC world 60kg champion)
Suakim · PK Senchai Muay Thai Gym (Thailand / PK Sentai Muay Thai Gym / Lumpini Stadium Super Featherweight Champion)


  The 7th match Second generation RISE welterweight (-67.5 kg) Throne determination game 3 minutes 5R Unlimited extension R
  "Black Panther" BeyNoah (Kyokushin Kaikan / second class, J-NETWORK welterweight champion)
Daiki Watabe (TEAM TEPPEN / former WPMF Japan welterweight champion, fourth generation Krush welterweight champion)

Round 8 of the 7th RISE Bantamweight (-55 kg) Throne determination battle 3 minutes 5R Unlimited extension R
Masahiko Suzuki (Yamaguchi Dojo / Bantamweight first place, WBC Muay Thai Japanese bantamweight champion, DEEP ☆ KICK 55 kg champion)
Masato Yuki (TEAM TEPPEN / 3rd place in the same class)


9th match Featherweight (-57.5 kg) 3 minutes 3R extension 1R
Yoshihisa "Mad dog" Morimoto (BRING IT ON Parastora AKK / 1st class)
Tatsuki Shinotsuka (TEAM TEPPEN / fourth class ranking)

  Tenth Game RISE World Series -57.5 kg Contract 3 min 3 r Extension 1 R
Masahide Kudo (Shinjuku Lefty Jim / 3rd RISE featherweight champion)
Shirou (BeWELL kickboxing gym / ISKA Muay Thai World Bantamweight champion, first Rangsit stadium accredited International · Bantamweight champion)

Eleventh match Kengo Shimizu Final Match Heavyweight 3 minutes 3R extension 1R
Kengo Shimizu (Kyokushin Kaikan / RISE heavyweight champion, SB Japan heavyweight champion)
Mighty Mo (USA / Elite MMA Academy / First ROAD FC Promiscuous Champion, Winning K-1 WORLD GP 2007 in HAWAII)

Semifinal (Round 12) RISE World Series -59 kg Contract 3 min 3 R Extension 1 R
Yuuki (ANCHOR GYM / 1st place for super featherweight, RISE super featherweight · lightweight · super lightweight champion)
Rottan Zittomuangnong (Thailand / Jitt Muang Nong Gym / 1st Lumpini Stadium Super Featherweight, Rajadamnan Stadium 1st Class)

Main Event (13th Game) RISE World Series -57 kg Contract 3 Minutes 3 R Extension 1 R
Tenshin Nasukawa (TARGET / Cygames / the first RISE world featherweight champion, the sixth RISE bantamweight champion, ISKA Oriental rule world bantamweight champion)
Taiki Naito (Striking Gym Ares / RISE DEAD OR ALIVE -57 kg TOURNAMENT 2017 victory, former SB Japan Super Bantamweight champion)


Date and time

November 7, 2018 (Wed)

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